The money magnet exercise

As the evolution is taking place and the ever growing society is on full demand, it is needless to say how everyone is absorbed by making more money or even stepping into the money games. There is some mysterious haze when it comes down to the ways in which one makes money so good and others cannot be thus successful, even with the same set of skills that both of them possess.

Let’s drive right through the haze and see what’s beyond.

See money as an energy form

Money is at simplest level, an energy form. Just like any other energy principles, the more you charge the particles the more they will react accordingly. Since, money is an energy form this fact alone can be utilized to one’s fullest potential by manipulating this energy. One can easily manifest money with the help of this energy at the simplest level of the game.

Since this is an energy form, what kind of energy you are putting into it determines lot on how it reacts to you. Whether it is a negative energy or a positive energy, this is the way the cash flow begins. If you want to improve this flow, you can apply the money magnet exercise.

To begin the exercise you need a quite spot where you won’t be disturbed by anyone for 13 to 15 minutes.

Get into a peaceful state of mind

Sit down and relax. Sit in any way which is comfortable to you.

Now take a notice of your breathing flow for a moment. Then count 1 to 5 as you inhale through the nose and 1 to 7 as you exhale. Do this for about a couple of times and slowly visualise a purple colour induced with gold glittering in the air. Inhale them and exhale the dark brownish red colour as you are keeping on counting in your head.

After a while, as you feel relaxed, visualise you are being a planet body that is floating in the space. Planets are often hit by large rocky bodies as meteors. Visualise yourself being a planet gently floating in the space and getting gently hit by money from all directions. Hear the money colliding you, smell them, and feel them in any way being good for you.

Feel how good you feel when you are living in abundance.

Affirmations for money

Then give all of this a moment to settle inside you.

Now you will go through some affirmations. Affirmations are great ways to program your subconscious mind. Take these affirmations and keep it under your belt. Anytime you feel bad or down on money, repeat them aloud or in your mind. There are plenty of them such as for instance, use “I withdraw any negative energy I hold over money”, “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly”, “I create positive impact with money in other peoples life”, “I am a money magnet”, “My world is full of abundance”, “Money flows to me”, “I deserve to be wealthy”, “ I am open to receive all the wealth and health universe brings to me” and so on.

You can always customise these affirmations and make your own affirmations but remember to keep in a present form and refrain from using words such as “don’t” “can not” or negative words. This plays a significant role in manifestation.

Happy manifesting!