Ethereal channeling to power up you day

One of the variety of great things about a human body lies within each of us. Lots of cultures of the ancient times described it in different terms, for example, in Chinese philosophy this magnificent feature is known as the Chi energy, while in the Indian philosophy it is known as Shakti and Chakra. This energy can be used by everyone and this article will help you to understand how it can be done.

What are these ethereal phenomena?

In simplest term, they are energy. This is the life force behind our daily motives, movement and spirit. There is nothing voodoo here but purely scientifically backed-up proofs of how energy is stored in our body and how it interacts with everyone we come across. This energy also creates a layer of energy field surrounding each one of us. This is one of the vital forces of our life.

The concept of chakras

Such energies are stored in various part of our body. In Indian terms, they are called chakras or wheels. These ones are located in various parts of our body. There are major and minor chakras all over our body. The total of major chakras is seven. They are located from the bottom of our spine to the top of the head. Each one is affecting this particular part and also regulating the mood and behaviour of us.

Chakras have such a name because these wheels or chakras are always spinning. Therefore, creating a vortex motion. This vortex sucks in and emit out all kind of energy we come across. Survival instincts, fear, sex drive, will, love, knowledge and others. Both the physical side and the mental part of organisms are regulated by these major chakras.

What can happen to your chakras?

If any of these chakras is blocked or overly active will result in a lack of this vital force or, on the contrary, in an excessive amount of a specific energy mentioned above. This can become physically apparent over time and mentally definitely noticed. Best move out of this is to take charge of it as we can control the flow of this energy and recharge ourselves in times of need. This can work surprisingly well regardless of whether you believe in it or not.  Today we won’t dive into the nitty-gritty of chakras but will look at one exercise to bring the massive energy force into us.

Balance your chakras

It is suggested that you perform this exercise right at the start of the day, especially when there are sunbeams just started to pry out of the horizon. You go out and preferably stand on bare feet. Align yourself with the earth. Feel the earth through your feet. Feel the blood moving, flow of energy.

Concentrate on your breathing and feel the air flow.

Now you can raise both of your hands, with palms held together and raise them above your head gently. Visualize a golden current of light being drawn by you from your feet to the top of you head, passing through all major chakras and parts of your body on its way. Now push the current flowing out of your head and send it to the centre of the universe. Really feel it and keep it flowing.

Now additionally, draw another energy of any colour you like from this centre of the universe and let it flow down to your legs and then feet from the top of your head and send it straight to the centre of the earth. Now keep these two cycle in motion for a while. You should feel intense tingling feelings inside your body parts or heavy vibrations. Now gently turn both of the flow into each other and create a spiral motion. Feet should be kept a little than shoulder width apart.

Once you are done, reset the energy to each of earth and universe and end the session by thanking the earth and universe respectively. You will notice the difference. If you often practice this, soon you notice the big changes in your perception and you will never running out of energy.