Meditation: your first dive into a blissful state

If you ever feel you are often bombarded by stress and anxiety and tried any medications for calming yourself but they have not worked in the way you expected them to, try meditation. Mediation is highly recommended by doctors and spiritual teachers from all around the globe.

In case you have never tried mediation before or have already given it a shot but it has not been successful, you might find this article as a great introduction to meditation.

Where can you get into a meditative state?

Meditation can be done by anyone and at any place, whether a person is in the commutes, office or park, virtually anywhere when there is a little snack time. Still beware it is advised NOT to try meditation while driving or in a place where your outer consciousness requires your full attention.

Performing meditation does not require any special skill, place or equipment. All this requires is your will to perform it and your time. Let’s jump right in to give you a taste of your first serenity ride.

Build up your meditation routine

For the next 14 days, do this. Upon waking up and before you are going to retire in the bed, take few deep breathing with the count of 1 to 5 for inhalation and count of 1 to 7 for exhalation. Do this for a couple of times. Now sit or lay your back against the bed or sofa and completely relax. Then, close your eyes and count from 100 to 1 for the first 7 days, then 50 to one for the next 7 days. 14 days in total would be beneficial for your mind and body to adapt this new state of alertness.

If you are doing this in the morning and there is anything urgent, any business to go on and finish, you still should come back to this exercise after solving all of your tasks.

In case you feel or experience you are drifting to sleeping try to set your alarm for 10 to 15 minutes. 15 minutes or more would be good for your mind and body to get really used to this state.

The count of one

Now when, you are at this state of mind, meaning with the count of 1. What happens now? Answer is nothing. Nothing happens. This state itself is the place where do all the answers to our problems lie. This is a land of nothingness.

This is like an empty canvas, an empty land. What happens here is for you to decide. You either can look for the tools to build or create something here or just be in this state of solitude. You can walk around in your mind get familiar with this state. In fact, for our first meditation, this is a sole purpose of this stage. As if you have just moved into a new place and you need a little time to get familiar with this state and surroundings.

Soon, you will be utilizing this land of yours to solve real world problems. To build your empire which will then begin to reflect back on earth. You will create a bridge between this two, inner and outer most point.

The finishing phase of the technique

When the alarm goes off or your feel like you want to get back to your complete waking state. start counting from 1 to 5. With a moment at 3 and before you start counting, you will hear yourself telling, “As I count from 1 to 5, I will be wide awake, mindful and feel better than before”. Then as you proceed gradually come out of that level into the complete waking state.

You will be surprised how you feel if you have done it as said and without any interruption. If you did not feel anything afterwards, keep on doing the exercise and soon you will reap the wonders of meditation.

Happy Meditating!

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