Heal your relationship with money

Money. The term we are all chasing since the beginning of the trade, whether to live a good life or just for the sake of talking about the luxury that we all want.

Have you ever wondered why is it that some people are good at making money and some are not? Why is it that two people running same business one gets richer and other stays poor or does not see any marginal improvement? Is it really about getting lucky or is there something else involved here?

This article will help you find answers to these questions and improve your own relationship with money.

The energy of money

Money is not just about getting lucky. I mean, luck is something, that can created. Money is a pure energy form. Just like any other energy form, it can be manipulated accordingly. There are lot of material and metaphysical facts which are involved in making money or a good fortune.

A lot of this depends first and foremost on the mindset of a person. It is like a set of instructions or predefined instructions of how you perceive money to be.

If you grow up listening “ Money is the root of all evil”, “Richest are the pigs of society” and other statements of this sort, chances are you will deep inside believe this to be true. As a result you are either making small income to get by day to day or struggling to even get by a day. Now, if you, even if you have not experienced it, imagine you grow up listening to “Lack of money is the root of all evil” “Poverty is a curse”, chances are you are making money, whether it is a handsome amount or pretty good but the odds are you are not struggling to make money. Think about this for a moment.

Money affirmations

With this examples above we can easily have an illustration of why one is struggling and the other is smoothly making it. If we break down, we can see, that these words the first example grow up listening works as an affirmation therefore it deeply gets embedded inside this persons mind and soul. This person holds a firm belief of negative approach to money therefore putting a lot of similar negative energy upon money. This is like shutting down the doors on money when it comes knocking on his or her door.

With the second example, we see that this person grew up listening positive approach to money therefore manifesting money without having to struggle too much to do it. This person holds a firm belief that without money there will be a chaos and poverty leaving society under curse. Therefore, he or she keeps the door open and more money comes knocking on the door.

Needless to say one firm belief system is not what it is all about. There are actions involved here. Lot of this depends on planning, taking right shot at the right time etc. Since lot of ideas are involved before physical action, which erupts from the passionate mind, a positive mindset plays a vital role for money to come in.

The law of attraction and money

Like any other laws such as the laws and order of the society, the laws of physics, there is also another law. Which is law of attraction. This one lies a lot on one’s thinking patterns and mindset. How does one become a powerful money magneto? Simply, starting from pointing down any negativity there is on money and eradicate them one by one with some powerful exercises.

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  1. Well, money is an indicator of how resourceful we are in life, so it’s not just about wealth

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