What should you know about removing software?

Assuming you guys already know the process of installing the software on any OS or your respective operating system, let us now look at few different things you should look for while removing or uninstalling a software.

Optimise your system removing unwanted files and software

One of the wise moves you can make, if you feel your system is piling up and taking up so much space with unnecessary programmes, is to remove, delete, uninstall any documents, files, application etc. Notice that deleting an application icon from your desktop does not really uninstall the app. In order to do so, you simply need to uninstall the application. And as for the unnecessary documents, files, you need to permanently delete them. With permanent delete, meaning shift + del key. Note, the document will be permanently deleted from your system. Just deleting them will store them in recycle bin.

The simplest way to uninstall programmemes

One of the easiest ways to uninstall is to go to start menu, is to select the programme from the alphabetical list, right click on it, select uninstall. That is it. For any reason, if an uninstall feature is not available to you for some programme, simply go to programmes inside control panel, and select uninstall a programme. There you should find the way to uninstall the programme and the way is, simply right click on the desired programme and uninstall it.

Note that sometimes, clicking uninstall a programme may bring the installation programme, asking if you would like to change or modify anything for the programme. Making sure you want to uninstall it, will eventually totally remove the programme from yours system. Including the registry entries.

Adding and removing Windows features and components

This is one of the things you should know. Whenever you installed Windows, many of the default features of Windows were installed on your system as well such as notepad, Explorer, network support etc. You can remove some of these components in order to keep your system unnecessary burdened files and features, unless, of course, if you do not use them. Not only removing is possible but you can add other programmes or features as well.

You should open the control panel and go to programmes. From there, go to programmes and features and select turn on Windows feature on or off. Now you will be prompted with task box. There you will find a list of bunch of features, simply check or un-check to add or remove any programmes and features.